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Expert service with a personal touch.

Our Founder: Stephen “Goldie” Goldberg

January 15, 1945 – December 5, 2017

steve-goldbergThe history and culture of our firm is tied inextricably with Steve Goldberg, who built his business over the course of five decades.  Known as “Goldie” to his family and many friends, he graduated in the late 1960s from the Northeastern University accounting program and worked for several years as an IRS auditor.  In the 1970s he started his own tax practice, Stephen A. Goldberg & Company, initially preparing tax returns on his clients’ kitchen tables, back when the primary tools of the trade were pencil and paper. 

His practice grew to include two office locations, desks with multiple computer monitors, a half dozen employees, and clients ranging from individuals to partnerships, trusts and corporations.  The client list reflected his personal history, and many rode the tides of change with him from their early careers into successful business owners with complex transactions.  Even as the tax practice grew, he was always most comfortable meeting clients in his cozy and cluttered home office, decorated with Celtics memorabilia and family photos. 

Steve was a people-person extraordinaire.  He cared deeply about his family, and nurtured friendships and business relationships over the course of decades and many life changes.  He was married for more than 40 years to his wife Thelma, and he doted on their children and grandchildren.   He made sure that his clients were cared for and he took the time to listen, whether they had tax-related issues or other concerns.  He was honest and straightforward in dealing with clients and employees, and so everyone trusted him.  

In June 2016, Steve handed over the reins to his long-time associate Kathy Vaccaro, who established a new business entity Goldberg & Vaccaro Tax Services LLC with offices in Burlington MA.   Although the business name and location has changed, we all work hard to ensure that Steve’s core business values remain intact.  We are committed to continuing his legacy of building strong personal relationships with our clients, and to nurturing the trust and loyalty that were Steve’s longstanding hallmarks.

Next Generation Accounting Firms provide clients with the highest level of client service and professional support. At Goldberg & Vaccaro Tax Services LLC we go beyond the numbers to partner with clients—working year round to ensure you stay on a healthy financial path. We also offer an ...  

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