Individual Tax Planning & Preparation

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Making tax prep and planning less taxing

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Our practice is focused on tax services, which means that we are always up-to-date with state and federal tax laws. We will identify areas where you can save on your taxes. We will also point out red flag issues to avoid.

Everyone has a different situation, so we focus on getting to know our clients. That puts us in a good position to advise you about any changes you may have this year.  Are you selling your home? Buying a business? Having a baby? Setting up a trust? Sending your child to college? Retiring? Investing in a rental property?  All of these major life changes can have a big impact on your taxes. We give you peace of mind that you are covering all the bases, and making smart tax decisions.

We will help you navigate the new tax law changes passed recently through the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. This is the most far-reaching tax law change since 1986! It is most definitely NOT a simplified tax plan, and here are just some of the changes that may impact your individual tax return:

  • Lower limits for mortgage interest
  • Limit on the deduction for real estate and state income taxes
  • Elimination of home equity interest
  • Elimination of the eduction for moving expenses
  • Increase in the standard deduction
  • Elimination of the personal exemptions for you and your children
  • Increase in the child tax credit
  • Expanded use of Section 529 plans for elementary and high school tuition
  • New 20% pass-through deduction for self-employed individuals